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We offer exceptional recruitment support at cost-effective rates to help small and medium sized businesses meet their hiring challenges. Our initial consultation will create your company’s customized hiring funnel. This initial package includes all the tools needed to hire the specialized role you need: a descriptive job description, application form, informative evaluation tests and support consulting […]

At Fair and Simple, we successfully identify candidates to meet the highly-specialized hiring needs of small and medium sized businesses in the financial services industry.  When McCarthy Tax Preparation needed a Senior Tax Manager for their bustling Minnesota firm focused in tax planning, tax preparation and bookkeeping, they were having trouble finding experienced candidates with […]

In today’s competitive recruiting environment, hiring for positions in technical fields can be a daunting undertaking for small and medium-sized businesses. At Fair and Simple, we establish customized hiring funnels for businesses, identifying and evaluating talent with hard-to-find, narrowly-focused skill sets to meet hiring needs. While other employment agencies will lump you incorrectly with trends […]

We understand that hiring in the hyper-competitive web development industry can be extremely difficult, especially for small and medium sized businesses looking to attract top candidates. With software and web engineering outfit Agile Data Innovation, we helped match premier candidates to hard-to-fill roles. Our expertise in hiring web software development specialists empowered Agile to onboard […]

We understand the pitfalls and challenges that can arise from closing the hiring funnel too soon.  Even though you may think you have the perfect candidate, sometimes it is difficult to know how well a person will fit with your team until they are actually in place.  Fair and Simple can take action to ensure […]

As a content creator, having an experienced digital marketing team is the key to success. Recruiting the right team can help you produce content that resonates with your audience. Another key point is that these people will make sure your reach your goals and stay organized. Having a digital marketing team will help you establish […]