Managing Applicants until Your Employee is Settled

We understand the pitfalls and challenges that can arise from closing the hiring funnel too soon.  Even though you may think you have the perfect candidate, sometimes it is difficult to know how well a person will fit with your team until they are actually in place.  Fair and Simple can take action to ensure that backup candidates are maintained, throughout the crucial onboarding process. As required, we can keep in touch with the next top individuals from your applicant pool and keep them ready, until your new employee is successfully settled.

We always handle the difficult job of sending rejections and communicating with applicants so that you do not have to be the bringer of bad news, and we are strategic and deliberate about when these notifications are sent.  Turnover is a challenging issue for any sized business, and we understand that in some circumstances, employees are sometimes lost just as they have been brought on board. It can be especially difficult to lose someone at this time, when so much time and resources have been dedicated to establishing them in a new role.  That is why we keep hiring funnels open, and stay in close contact with the next best individuals for a given position in case there is a need for them to move up.

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