Hassle-free hiring optimized to your needs

We find the best new hires to match your particular needs. With Fair and Simple’s video recruiting funnel, we find the best candidates efficiently.

Our single-service recruiting platform

We can launch your job posting in as little as 48 hours and can start interviewing candidates within 72 hours of our initial meeting.
Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus exclusively on decision-making.

One On-Demand Recruiting Service​

1. Video Recruiting Funnel

Our commitment to you is to handle your company’s distinctive attributes with the greatest care. We will work with you to establish a hiring funnel that provides candidates with the highly specialized skills you are looking for.

2. Scheduling and Correspondence

Let our team assemble your qualified applicant pool and drill down to those hard-to-find candidates. We’ll deal with all the nagging tasks of communications, rejection notices, and can even manage backup candidates until you have successfully onboarded your perfect candidate.

3. Video Interviews and Reports

After completing a hiring project, we can continue supporting you for repeat hires, provide additional coaching, hand over our data and templates for your continued use, or assist in establishing your hiring practices for long term growth.

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