The Fair and Simple difference: Effective Recruiting for Business Agility

In today’s competitive recruiting environment, hiring for positions in technical fields can be a daunting undertaking for small and medium-sized businesses. At Fair and Simple, we establish customized hiring funnels for businesses, identifying and evaluating talent with hard-to-find, narrowly-focused skill sets to meet hiring needs.

While other employment agencies will lump you incorrectly with trends not appropriate to your unique industry position, we go the extra mile to ensure we are casting a focused net for candidates that meet your specific needs. With hiring experts in software development, consulting, financial services, marketing, sales and other industries, we understand the dynamic characteristics affecting businesses, and are adapting every day to meet shifting demands. 

Compared with other agencies, our team works swiftly to narrow the hiring funnel in the specific direction that your company’s challenges will meet. We spend the extra time to comprehensively engrain ourselves with each business’ needs and goals. We will save you hours of valuable productivity time evaluating candidates and managing communications, so you do not have to waste your own time reviewing profiles that do not match your targeted position. Fair and Simple handles all of the burdensome tasks of the hiring process until it is time for you to interview and onboard your perfect candidate.

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