Unmatched Service and Value in Recruitment Support

We offer exceptional recruitment support at cost-effective rates to help small and medium sized businesses meet their hiring challenges. Our initial consultation will create your company’s customized hiring funnel. This initial package includes all the tools needed to hire the specialized role you need: a descriptive job description, application form, informative evaluation tests and support consulting to get the posting launched effectively.

Once the hiring funnel is established, we can move to providing recruitment services, which typically is about $2000 for 6 weeks of service. Let our team do the heavy lifting of managing platform promotions, candidate communications and evaluations.  You’ll get:

We can scale our recruitment service package to meet your needs and keep the funnel open past 6 weeks, as required. In addition, if you need to repeat a hire of the same position to meet growing business demands down the road, we can re-deploy our recruiting service at a fraction of the initial cost, giving you more value for your team’s long-term personnel stability.

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